From Egypt to London – Anna’s Testimony

Anna was born in Egypt and recently completed a professional experience in London. She tells us what she learned while doing the EasyPass International's program. 


What was your motivation for going?

I wanted to go abroad to an English-speaking country where I could practice using the language and possibly begin a career abroad.  I was really taken by London, and above all, I wanted to do my internship in this city.  


What were some difficulties you encountered?

The major difficulty was finding the internship not being a UE citizen. Most of the positions are NOT open for non UE citizens.  


What did you learn in the program about overcoming these difficulties?

The EasyPass International program allowed me to develop a new state of mind :

  • Positive Thinking
  • Trust in me
  • Method to connect with executives
  • Very good connections in UK  


What did you learn about life in business?

All is about how to contact influencer and executives.  With motivation and determination all is possible. You can connect with incridible contacts and get opportunities that you never thought.


What did you learn about yourself?

I learned

  • to think differently
  • to move forward
  • to believe in me
  • To reach my objectives is only a question of motivation and preparation.


What message would you like to share ?

  • The most important, for me, is my new state of mind. 
  • The EasyPass International Program will help me for all my professional live.