From China to New-York – Emmanuelle’s Testimony

Emmanuelle was born in China and recently completed a professional experience in New-York .  She shares her experience and tells us what she learned while doing the EasyPass International's program. 


What was your motivation for going?

  • To get an interesting job as part of my international career
  • To become truly bilingual in English.


What were some difficulties you encountered?

  • The visa 
  • The recruitment process if you are not leaving in US 
  • The motivation


What did you learn in the program about overcoming these difficulties?

I lean :

  • 1. Motivation,
  • 2. Motivation,
  • 3. Motivation.

But on a more serious note :

  • I improved my personal marketing to contact executives in US 
  • I developed a strong and powerful network of leaders in United States
  • I learned to get interviews and succeed them .  


What did you learn about life in business?

You can succeed only if you are well-prepared. 


What did you learn about yourself?

I have done what millions of immigrants live through in their fight for a job. Determination and methods are the key to succeed.


What message would you like to share ?

If you have a dream. Don’t stop working for it until you get there..